At Huonville High School we provide students with opportunities to learn and achieve the highest possible outcomes in personalised learning programs drawn from the curriculum areas of the National and the Tasmanian Curriculum.
All curriculum areas are valued. The rules for constructing a learning program for each student in Year 9 and 10 are detailed below. The rules are consistent with national and state directions.
Ø  All students must study the year-long subjects English, Mathematics and Science. These courses are studied for three periods per week (two for science). Students may also wish to study extension courses in these areas.
Ø  All students will study their year appropriate History and Wellbeing classes for a half year. These subjects are studied for 2 periods per week. Extension courses may also be taken.
Ø  Subjects from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Arts curriculum areas must also be studied at least once over the education period of Year 9-10.
Ø  All students will study Work Studies (My Education) as described by the Australian National Curriculum.
Ø  In addition students will personalise their learning by choosing subjects available from all seven curriculum areas: English, LOTE, Mathematics, Health and Wellbeing, Science, Society and History, Arts and Vocational and Applied Learning.  The amount of time students have on personalised learning subjects will vary from student to student, depending on other curriculum choices.      
Ø  All students must complete a course counselling interview with a member of the Senior Staff Team prior to signing off on subject selections. Interviews will occur as part of the school curriculum in the weeks following the release of the following year's Handbook. The aim of the interviews/applications is to assist parents/carers to understand more fully the subject pathway for their child.