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Student Free Day 23rd July 2018

Parent/Teacher meetings are being held on Tuesday July 31st and Thursday August 2nd.
(3.15pm-6pm in the Library)​

Book the opportunity for you and your student to have a conversation about their progress and experience at school.

This link is available from July 6th to 2.00 pm on the day of the meeting, so 2.00 pm on July 31st and 2.00 pm on August 2nd.​

​Canteen will be closed

on the following dates:


AUGUST - Friday 3rd, Friday 17th and Friday 31st

SEPTEMBER – Friday 7th 2018


to the rescue!!!!!!!

To order your delicious Subway for lunch all you have to do is:

Collect an envelope (sample below) from the student affairs office.  Complete envelope and return to office with CORRECT cash by 9.00am of the morning that the canteen will be closed