Huonville High School is pleased to announce an upgrade to our school communication services. News, Events, Notices and general messages will now be sent using the School Star app. 
Only parents and community members can access content in this secure app for iPhone and Android. 
Please download here:​


Issue #12:   ​August Newsletter.pdf26 November Newsletter (3623KB)

Issue #11:   ​August Newsletter.pdf2 November Newsletter (5284KB)

Issue #10:   ​August Newsletter.pdfSeptember Newsletter  (1785KB)

                  August Newsletter.pdfAdditional information for the Huon region (6900KB)

Issue # 9:   ​August Newsletter.pdf31 August Newsletter  (3649KB)

Issue # 8:   ​August Newsletter.pdfAugust Newsletter  (4672KB)

Issue # 7:   June Newsletter.pdf​July Newsletter  (660KB)

Issue # 6:   June Newsletter.pdfJune Newsletter  (418KB)

Issue # 5:   April Newsletter.pdfApril Newsletter (3006KB)

Issue # 4:   March Newsletter.pdfMarch Newsletter (3289KB)