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Contact the School

Parents and carers are encouraged to call the school to make an appointment to see teachers if they have concerns about their child. Teachers are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school for meetings. Other times may be negotiated with individual teachers.

Round table meetings with all your child's teachers can be arranged by the Grade Coordinator or Assistant Principal.

Home Room teachers and Grade Coordinators can also collect information e.g. a 'snapshot' from teachers and report back.

Parents and carers are always welcome at HHS.

Contact information:

Tel: 62640800

Principal: Ms Janelle Reeves

Assistant Principals:

  • Mr Paul Newton - Grades 9-10
  • Ms Christie Gumley - Grades 7-8
  • Mr Clint Rottier - Grades 11-12

Advanced Skills Teachers:

  • Mr Riley Mislov - AST 7-8, Culture and Wellbeing
  • Ms Kelly Flanagan - Acting AST Support
  • Mr Adrian Dorrington - AST 9-10, Culture and Wellbeing
  • Ms Ari Powell - AST 11-12

Grade Coordinators:

  • Year 7 – Mr Jason Lunden
  • Year 8 – Mr Jason Lunden
  • Year 9 – Mr Riley Mislov
  • Year 10 – Mr Riley Mislov

School Business Manager: Mrs Jennifer Coulson

Trade Training Centre Coordinator: Mrs Judi Cawthorn

HHS Teacher roles and email 2023

Support Staff

Ongoing Support Available

Hello students and families,IMG_6834.jpg

Please find below a link to a comprehensive list of resources that you may find helpful to access at this time.

School Support staff: Natasha Laird (School Psychologist), Virginia Gray and Naomi Humphreys (School Social Workers) and Katherine Ross (School Nurse) will continue to be available to support students and families. Please contact us through email: or by phoning the school during business hours. Please note that this is not a crisis service and will only be checked during business hours. If you are in an emergency please contact 000 immediately. If you need urgent assistance the list of resources attached will provide some useful options.


Natasha, Naomi, Virginia and Katherine.

 Click here for

Social Workers:

  • Virginia Gray    Years 9-12 students (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
  • Naomi Humphreys   Year 7 and 8 students (Wednesday odd weeks, Thursday & Friday)

School Psychologist: Natasha Laird (Monday and Thursday, as well as alternate Tuesdays – even weeks; and 1 in 4 Fridays (March 1st, March 29th, May 10th, June 7th, July 5th, August 16th, September 13th, October 25th, November 22nd, December 20th )

Health Nurse: Katherine Ross (Wednesday & Thursday)

The School Health Nurse provides support around the following areas:

  • Preventative mental health, anxiety, anger management, stress and relaxation and sleep hygiene
  • Sexual health, contraception, STI prevention, healthy relationships, gender identity
  • Smoking cessation, alcohol and other drug use including safe partying and harm minimisation
  • Body image, nutrition and physical activity
  • Information/education/referrals as required for any other health related topics.

Other support services are available with a referral, including but not limited to:

  • Tara: Holyoake (Drug, Alcohol, health and risk taking)
  • Clare House - Mental Health assessments (based on referral and appointment)
  • Working it out – LGBTIQ (based on referral and appointment)

Making a complaint in Tasmanian Government Schools

The following link will provide the current information and process for making a complaint.

Making a complaint in Tasmanian Government Schools (PDF)