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YEARS 11/12

Welcome to year 11/12 for 2022!

 Huonville High has a vision to “develop responsible, valued, engaged and inspired learners. We care about each other and our community”.

 Through our Advanced Learning Centre and the Huon Valley Trade Training Centre, we extend this vision to provide high quality pathways for students into future work or study.


We have four focus areas to prepare our students for their future:

  • VET based approaches – For students wanting to achieve a Certificate.
  • FLEX based approaches – For students needing an alternate approach to learning.
  • ATAR based approaches – For students wanting university admission.
  • VET + ATAR based approaches – For students wanting both a National Recognised Certificate + University admission.

To support students progression into their future we implement a strategic model in which student chose courses relating to VET, FLEX, ATAR or VET+ATAR approaches within four major priority pathways of:

  • Sports, Health and Foods
  • Building and Making Trades
  • Business, Arts + Humanities
  • Animals and Farming





Within each of these pathways courses have been designed to ensure students:

  1. gain enough TCE points per year (at least 60 in year 11 and 60 in year 12) to achieve their TCE
  2. achieve their Literacy, Numeracy and ITC standards
  3. either gain a VET Certificate or ATAR or both.
  4. progress towards real life opportunities through work placements and practical experiences
  5. can participate in shared enrolment through another Hartz Collective school or Virtual Learning Tasmania

For more information please see below:

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For more information contact Matt Eyles  - year 9-12 Advanced Skills teacher email

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